Transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) metastatic in a bitch: case report




Dog, metastasis, round cell tumor, thorax.


The canine transmissible venereal tumor is one of the most common neoplasms mainly in stray dogs, being classified morphologically as a round cell neoplasm. The present work aims to report a case of metastatic transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) in an adult mongrel bitch (SRD). In the necroscopic evaluation, the presence of neoformations in the vulva/ vagina, spleen and parietal pleura was observed, in which all exhibited the same macroscopic characteristics. To elucidate the case, cytological and histological examinations were performed, in which similar morphological patterns were observed in the three analyzed tissues, being compatible with TVT. Metastasis is uncommon in this type of neoplasm, although reports are found in the literature showing the TVT’s metastatic ability, the occurrence is more frequent in immunosuppressed animals, and the main tissues affected are the regional lymph nodes. However, cavitary organs can also be sites of metastasis, as observed in the present case. Although rare, it is concluded that metastases can occur and the importance of including TVT as a differential diagnosis of intracavitary neoplasms is highlighted.


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Detoni, P. M. F. ., Dahm , V., Ferronato , A. ., Smaniotto, C., Cheng , A. C. ., Pinheiro , L. S. ., Campagnolo, C. ., & Viott, A. de M. . (2023). Transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) metastatic in a bitch: case report. Uningá Review, 38(1), eURJ4502.



1st Section: Environment and Agricultural Sciences

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