Do variations in craniofacial shape and size allow the identification of dental malocclusions?




Angle's classification, canonical variates, malocclusion, multivariate analysis.


Based on the Angle’s classification, to identify and compare changes in the shape and size of the craniofacial region in lateral teleradiographs of the face of individuals with dental malocclusions. This is a cross-sectional analytical study carried out using morphometric analysis of teleradiographs of adult individuals with Class I, II and III malocclusions. With the aid of conventional craniometric and cephalometric points, anatomical landmarks and semilandmarks were inserted. For the verification of the shape variation, MANOVA, canonical variable analysis, Mahalanobis and Procrustes distances, discriminant function and cross-validation were carried out. One-way ANOVA was also carried out for size, based on the size of the centroid. On the teleradiographs, significant differences (p<0.05) were found between the craniofacial shapes of the three groups, based on MANOVA. From the deformation grids, it was possible to observe variations in the mentonian and anterior maxillary regions. The variation in the shape of the structures was more pronounced in the teleradiographs of the Class III group. The measurements of the Mahalanobis and Procrustes distances were greater in the teleradiographs with Class II and III malocclusions, corroborating the results found by cross-validation. Size differences (p<0.05) were found, using the one-way ANOVA and Tukey's test, when comparing Class I individuals with the other groups. Geometric morphometrics helped us to identify variations in the shape and size of craniofacial structures. This technique, when applied to lateral teleradiographs, proved to be a promising auxiliary method for characterizing dental malocclusions, according to Angle's classification.


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Silva, A. da P., Nunes, L. A. ., Andrade, R. de C. D. V., Mendes, H. J., Matos, P. E. S. ., & Casotti, C. A. . (2024). Do variations in craniofacial shape and size allow the identification of dental malocclusions?. Revista Uningá, 61, eUJ4597.



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