Exeresis of bilateral mandibular torus for prosthetic purpose: case report





Exostosis, mandible, oral surgery.


The torus is a benign bony protuberance, which affects the maxilla and mandible, consisting of multifactorial etiology, being associated with genetic and environmental factors. The aim of this study is to report a clinical case with its focus on the surgical management of a bilateral mandibular torus that required surgical removal for prosthetic purposes. A 64-year-old male patient approached the Dental Clinic from the Bahia Adventist College (FADBA), seeking prosthetic rehabilitation treatment. The intraoral physical examination revealed the presence of partial edentulism in both dental arches, as well as the presence of a hardened and asymptomatic mass on the mandibular lingual alveolar ridge bilaterally. It was decided to perform surgery for mandibular torus excision. A bilateral inferior alveolar and lingual nerve block was performed, an envelope flap was made, mucoperiosteal detachment, osteotomy with orientation grooves and cleavage of the bone blocks, ridge regularization with a maxicut drill and copious irrigation with saline solution followed by interpapillary suture. As it is an asymptomatic pathology in most cases, it does not require treatment. However, in cases of broader extension, when there are repeated traumatic injuries related to feeding, phonetic alterations, or hindrance to rehabilitative prosthetic treatment, surgical removal is indicated. After the clinical evaluation, the diagnosis of mandibular torus was confirmed, and the patient was informed of the need for surgical removal, since the presence of exostoses would make prosthetic treatment impossible. After surgery, the patient was directed to follow up his rehabilitative treatment.


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Silva, D. de A. da ., Freitas, T. dos S. de ., Cunha, C. E. dos S. ., Costa, M. R. C. ., Souza, M. M. R. de ., & Barros, W. da S. (2023). Exeresis of bilateral mandibular torus for prosthetic purpose: case report. Revista Uningá, 60(1), eUJ4238. https://doi.org/10.46311/2318-0579.60.eUJ4238



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